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    In A Nutshell…

    Marsha Wright is a world renowned serial entrepreneur, TV Business Expert, and #1 bestselling author whose name has become synonymous with power-relationships, success, strategic alliances and unearthing unique profit channels in existing businesses.

    For over a decade Marsha has risen to the crest of her fields, becoming a respected authority and go-to commenter in the media on her primary topic of Strategic Alliances in the process. This is juxtaposed with her prodigious acumen in the areas of global partnerships, brand positioning, wealth accumulation & preservation, endorsement deals, crisis management and sales & marketing strategy.

    Her enterprises include an investment & acquisitions firm, a media production & publishing company, a high-end members only organization for discerning entrepreneurs, a boutique advisor firm serving entrepreneurs and HNWIs, and an online television network slated for launch in 2015.

    Her vivacious and infectious energy only adds to her appeal as a formidable ally. Her personal network of Strategic Alliance Partners spans the globe and includes billionaires, movie producers, captains of industry, luminaries, visionaries, influential leaders, CEOs and rainmakers alike.

    Discerning high net worth individuals, and those who target them, also seek to associate with Marsha and her enterprises. The fortunate few who pursue most ardently become a member of her hand picked client-family as either a member of her prestigious private members club of international pioneers, or by having her and her team of trusted advisors assisting them one-on-one with an acute business problem or to achieve a long-term goal.

    The reach of her media appearances has mounted over 10 million households in over 40 countries. Marsha appears on radio, in newspapers, on television and in online features regularly, and is a Huffington Post columnist.

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The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!  book by Marsha Wright


The 2016 revised & expanded book: 'The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!' is the 4th International Best Seller for Marsha Wright.

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Discover more about Marsha Wright's ventures including the amazing Digital Exposure Network which garners over 16million social views monthly and is tailored to serve to VIPs, Personalities & productions.

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