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What Others Say About Marsha… jim Jim Stovall is hailed by Steve Forbes as one of the most extraordinary men of our era. He is the bestselling author of over 20 books with millions in print around the world in two dozen languages, has had four of his books made into major motion pictures, and is the founder and president of the Emmy Award-Winning Narrative Television Network. “Marsha is a great colleague and friend, a professional. You should never take advice from anyone who doesn’t already have what you want. When it comes to creating mutually-beneficial relationships, Marsha Wright has been to the mountaintop and is prepared to get you from here to there“. Jim Stovall, Founder & CEO Narrative Television Network

Viki-Winterton-240x300 Marsha Wright’s book, The Secret Collaborative Economy, is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to successfully collaborate in business and in the world today. Marsha uncovers the secrets to building your business success through your connections, and more importantly how to develop, retain and enhance relationships in every arena of your life. Her win/win strategy will allow you to spread your wings and soar to success and fulfilment. Viki Winterton, Founder, Expert Insights Publishing

Marsha Wright Wiki…

Marsha Wright Influencer

Marsha Wright is a celebrated entrepreneur, TV business expert & media personality, investor, 4x best-selling author and philanthropist. In addition to her many exploits, she’s also one of the most well-known entrepreneur-Influencers in the World; commanding an army of over half-a-million dedicated fans.

With a Klout score of 81, Marsha is frequently listed as one of the most influential voices in With a Klout score of 81, Marsha is frequently listed as one of the most influential voices in business, marketing, social media & entrepreneurship. Her accolades include hosting of the #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha™ movement which has trended over 1,000 times and has had over 4 million hashtag shares.

This London-born millennial spends most of her time travelling the world for business and pleasure, which is a far cry from her true-life rags to riches story of personal triumph and determination.

Marsha has been in the public eye since 2004 when her first online radio show launched. So popular was the show that she launched her consulting practice. Her celebrity soon grew and she was frequently being featured in the press through magazines & newspaper spreads, on TV and on stage as a sought-after speaker and thought leader. Her impact in the lives of her clients was undeniable and saw her become an instrumental force with over 2,000 clients (primarily grassroots & emerging business owners).

In the years that followed, she founded and invested in numerous entities forming the foundation of her global business empire which has included interests in media, tech, food & beverage, real estate, apparel and others. Her work led to becoming a foremost authority on the topic and methodology of growth & expansion through the power of Strategic Alliances.

An important segway around the same time, was her transition to trusted advisor to HNWI (high net worth individuals) as her consulting firm went from mass SME, to boutique and high-end. This natural transition was due in part to three key mentors whose cumulative net worth exceeds $2 Billion.

Today, her massive fan base—comprised of celebrities, power-players, entrepreneurs and everyday people—know and love her through her meteoric rise to social media celebrity via her viral/trending social media movements. With over 40 million views a month, 500,000+ fans, and as CEO of a vibrant digital agency, her fame and audience continues to bolster as she spreads her unstoppable infectiously positive vibes and mantra “LIVE BOLDLY” to all that encounter her!

In 2015, following 5,000+ hours of in-depth testing and strategy development that led to a 781% increase in her social media results, Marsha co-founded the Digital Exposure Network™, which primarily serves brands, agencies, celebrities/personalities, and established/fast-growth companies. The DEN boasts ownership of over 30 influential brands in many niches (ranging from travel, beauty, health, food, sports, millennials, music, business, finance, tech, women, luxury, and lifestyle) and has over 2 million followers and 65 million + social views per month.  The DEN answers the need of social audiences—looking for genuinely valuable content and uniquely meaningful encounters—and of brands who want fun, viable and tangible ways to gain exposure to those audiences and lead those encounters to monetizable events.

The school drop-out…

Marsha’s early life is a sharp contrast to her latter successes. Despite being a high school drop out, she has a particularly inspiring rags to riches story. Her early teens were spent living in childrens’ group homes after enduring multiple instances of sexual abuse from age eight. But that didn’t stop her insatiable appetite for significance and success. Early mentors believed in Marsha and that was a catalyst for change and the impetus for her present-day successes.

Marsha was the underdog that kept fighting to survive; and that she has. Today she inspires the masses in what she calls “a deep desire to give back, because if I don’t, I dishonor those who saw the diamond in me when I was completely submerged under the paradigm of my circumstances”.

A complete life turnaround took place in her mid-teens after meeting her first mentor Stan, whom she mentions in the book “Wounded, Survive, Thrive”. She became a young entrepreneur starting her first business age 17, and since has built and acquired an impressive portfolio of brands. Not stopping there, she has always placed a high priority to give back and has invested in the success of others, including a commitment to philanthropy which includes being a proud advocate or mental health as a celebrity patron for the Shaw Mind Foundation (


To perpetuate and empower—through the exponential power of strategic alliances—the mobilization of action that brings dreams and audacious goals to fruition and impacts individuals, families, communities, corporations, countries and continents.

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