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Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp.

-Business Overview-

Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp. is a Micro Product Placement company built fundamentally on collaboration, partnership and leveraging internal and external Asset Points™ to realize prodigious goals held by our worldwide client-family.  We specialize in leveraging existing assets to release and capitalize on both new and unchartered revenue generating channels.

When we say collaboration, we take it to the extreme and Marsha Wright (our Founder) literally wrote the book on how to leverage collaborative relationships to accomplish an endless array of possibilities.

The Secret Collaborative Economy Bestseller coverThough we are very selective about the partnerships and collaborative projects that we choose to pursue, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate and partner up with companies, individuals, corporations and organizations of all sizes who share our ethos of reciprocation; primarily (but not exclusively) in North America, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East.

The audacious goals across our portfolio of business interests give rise to the acceleration of our Strategic Partnerships and the value that each successful relationship brings to our companies is mirrored in what we may do for, through and with other partners.

The Founders of Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp. have over 30+ years of experience combined in the area of Strategic Alliances and collaboration, and this has generated millions in sales revenue across various businesses.

We also have over a decade of invaluable experience in content creation, content marketing, developing intellectual property assets, and marketing information products to business owners.

Through our business we:

  • Run a global range of exclusive events which are sponsored by companies who wish to target our clientele or audience.
  • Develop innovative licensing methodologies to deploy intellectual property assets to companies and corporations.
  • Facilitate the creation of a vast array of business opportunities for our partners and counterparts, clients and interests.

Strategic Alliance Intellect Logo

Through Strategic Alliance Intellect™ we advise sales teams, marketing departments, leaders, influencers, high net worth individuals and non-profits to incorporate the concepts of Strategic Alliances in order to accomplish business goals, whatever they may be.

The Intellect Service is twinned with our licensing deals to create the most longterm value for our clients and their stakeholders.


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