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+The Secret Economy
Get the Hardcover, Kindle, Nook or Autographed version of The Secret Collaborative Economy right here, right now! More here…

+Ready, Aim, Influence
Top experts, visionaries and best-selling authors interviewed in this book include Marsha Wright and Carlos Slim (the Worlds richest man). Step into the world of Influence and how to get more of it. More here… 
+Ready, Aim, Captivate
Marsha Wright, Deepak Chopra and exceptional icons and experts share their secrets to putting the magic in your message, and a fortune in your future. More here…
+…Survive, Thrive
Marsha Wright and 100 other pioneering women share their stories from Tragedy to Triumph  More here…


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Marsha WrightMarsha Wright is an accomplished author whose unparalleled acumen and acutely invaluable knowledge has been featured in three successful #1 International Bestselling books, in addition to her own Global #1 Best-seller “The Secret Collaborative Economy” which also garnered the status of “Hottest New Release” in 5 countries throughout North America and Europe.

Marsha has been featured as a co-author with dynamic business icons, top experts, visionaries and New York Times best-selling authors the world over including:

Carlos Slim (The Worlds Richest Man – worth $78bn), Jim Stovall (Emmy Award Winning, Pulitzer Prize Nominee and CEO of Narrative Television Network) and Deepak Chopra (revered guru as seen on Oprah) to name a few.

Wright’s books have been prized for being highly informative,instructional, eye-opening and inspiring, and have elevated her to the status of being a preeminent and highly respected business icon.

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