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+Secret Economy
Get the Hardcover, Kindle, Nook or Autographed version of The Secret Collaborative Economy right here, right now! More here…

+Ready, Aim, Influence
Top experts, visionaries and best-selling authors interviewed in this book include Marsha Wright and Carlos Slim (the Worlds richest man). Step into the world of Influence and how to get more of it. More here… 
+Ready, Aim, Captivate
Marsha Wright, Deepak Chopra and exceptional icons and experts share their secrets to putting the magic in your message, and a fortune in your future. More here…
+…Survive, Thrive
Marsha Wright and 100 other pioneering women share their stories from Tragedy to Triumph  More here…



Wounded, Survive, Thrive – An inspirational look into the life of Marsha Wright and 100 Pioneering Women from around the world…

#1 International Bestseller Wounded? Survive! Thrive!



Wounded? Survive!! Thrive!!!

This 5 time award winning book tells the story of 101 astounding women who overcame distress and hardship to triumph and turn their lives around. Marsha Wright shared her experience of sexual abuse in childhood, but how that was turned around to her entrepreneurial success story.

Foreword: Cathy Greenberg, New York Times Best Selling Author.
Publisher: Expert Insights

Resources: Click this link for Marsha Wright’s Chapter in the book. 

Awards: Gold eLit Award

Other Information:
Expert Insights Publishing’s portion of profits from the Amazon books sales for the #1 International Bestseller, Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!! has been donated to V Day on behalf of all the co-authors, in recognition of their amazing contributions in so many ways to the women of the world. The book also won 5 book awards!

Published: January 2013

(This title is currently out of print from the publisher, the buy link below will be activated and this message removed when further copies are available.)




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