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It takes more than just a great idea to grow your organization
to the NEXT level…


Your business is thriving, you’re doing more than ever before. Your clients are passionate about the products and services you offer and you’re ready to expand into a new sector, niche or country.

The dreams exist, and you have the skeleton together – a plan of sorts – and a great team to help you execute. But there are missing pieces… You know that if you are going to venture CAREFULLY into this new territory, you have to:

  • Manage your risk.
  • Retain your current positioning whilst rolling out into pastures new.
  • Anticipate trends that will help you maximize opportunities.
  • Increase your connections that will open your message to more of your target market.
  • Manage your expansion/marketing budgets and create tangible ROI .
  • Increase value in the business acquired, and increase margins.


The Secret Collaborative Economy Bestseller coverYou’ve just discovered the concept of Strategic Alliances…

You read the #1 Bestselling book The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, Faster! and now you know for sure, with a little extra time invested, not only could you increase your exposure through the media and various distribution channels, but you can receive perpetually valuable introductions and referrals that could amount to millions of dollars in new business.

It’s game time! You have the manual – you can see how it will work. You want your staff team to implement this immediately. But with this excitement and anticipation of the deluge of wins you’re about to face, you know that the implementation is where it’s all going to succeed or fail…

So you decide it’s time to bring in the #1 Authority on the concepts of Leveraging Strategic Alliances™ and collaboration.  After all, time is money, and you want this to work. First time, with as few glitches as possible. The ROI needs to be present in the deals, and the luxury of losing time to see things come to fruition isn’t an option.

You’ve come to, and now you know you’re in the right place to obtain TO THE POINT strategies that will be relevant to your rollout, and your business objectives.

Cue Strategic Alliance Intellect™. Our Trusted Adviser service for clients who engage us to acquire the know-how, and a clear pathway for implementation of the strategies to take their business through the initial stages of using and leveraging strategic relationships in order to accomplish business goals.



Along with engaging Strategic Alliance Intellect™, your company acquires a coveted license to distribute The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, Faster! to your clients, members, associates, shareholders and new Strategic Alliance Partners. You’ve added value to your external customers and stakeholders. They appreciate that value – and most importantly, they remember it—they remember you! So when they need a solution in future, you’re their supplier of choice.

It get’s better though, because with your internal team, the concept takes hold.

Forget ‘buy in’! They want this! The sales team, marketing team, PR department, HR department, even the Finance and M&A departments are running with this. They are securing more deals that use less capital investment, and leverage Asset Points™ that were previously untapped and mothballed.  It’s easier to raise capital, get media coverage, expose your message to the right people all the time.

Now, it’s easier to be heard above the noise!

And it’s all because you decided to Leverage Strategic Alliances™ and collaborate.


If you’re ready to live this story…

Then contact us today for an informal, but frank and straight-talking discussion about how your business could leverage strategic alliances and whether you qualify to engage and work with Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp., and the highly experienced Trusted Advisers in our Strategic Alliance Intellect™ team.


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