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These are the words used to describe Marsha Wright’s unique style on the stage.

  • no fluff
  • knowledgeable
  • funny
  • enlightening
  • charismatic
  • popular
  • content-rich
  • practical
  • life changing


Highlight your event with the Wright Touch


She’s sharp and witty, and is always the highlight of the events she speaks at; and is asked back to many events to share due to excellent audience reviews. Marsha delivers fast paced, high octane content to audiences both small and large and is “well worth her fee” according to organisers.

If you’re looking for a speaker to add a real sense of spice and passion to your event, while delivering EXCEPTIONAL business content, you should look no further than Marsha Wright!


Key topics Marsha Covers

  • Leveraging untapped intangible Asset Points to increasing loyalty, collaboration and profitability 
  • Garnering more clients, exposure and profits faster from collaborative deals
  • Increasing profitability without deploying further resources
  • Business growth and developing the eye of the tiger within an organization
  • Marsha’s répertoire is exquisite, thus other topics can be covered. Please make an inquiry to discuss your event and audience, and a topic more suiting can be arranged.



Why would my delegates listen to her?

Marsha is a respected and experienced business owner; she’s not just a talking head. She’s not just a speaker! As you’ll discover from reading the About page of this site and the media pages, she is both highly regarded as an authority on her topics, but has built an effervescence in her personality that simply makes you want to MOVE, DO BETTER, and BE BETTER!

In this regard, she has the ability to electrify any audience with energy, drive, pizzazz and impetus. What is so refreshing, is that she does so with practical tips based on years of experience, meticulous implementation and the kind of acumen that can only be gained by generating millions in sales and walking the talk.

Marsha’s training businesses have mentored over 1,000 business owners, which gives her a remarkable insight into how people process information and how they can hear and implement her teachings.

She brings a wealth of experience and practicality drawn from her successes and failures, and those of her many clients. This enables her to speak confidently and humanly to people from all different walks of life.

Marsha Wright has gained a worthy reputation as one of Europe’s most inspiring business experts, and is a prolific Business Speaker who has been on stage since 2003. Her straight-up, no nonsense, and innovative approach to business has led her to speak at hundreds of events where she is a huge inspiration; and exudes passion to help others achieve prodigious feats.


Your Event… Only better!

  • Marsha can keynote your event in person
  • Host or co-host an event
  • Provide full workshop or interactive sessions
  • Satelite link up or live stream to your event
  • Webinar or teleconference seminar
  • and more…

Charity Events

  • Marsha is BIG on supporting charities with her time and knowledge. She portions some of her speaking hours for philanthropy or otherwise donating her speaking or appearance fee to charity or her foundation.
  • We can at times make concessions on charity events requiring a honorarium only when the event warrants. Tell us about your event, and we’ll let you know if Marsha can accommodate.

After-dinner Speeches

  • Please call directly with a brief of your event and a discussion about the best steps forward. We will need information about your organisation before we can assess the possibility of Marsha speaking at your event.
  • Rates depend on the event and are quoted on application.


Speaking Fees

  • Speaking fees depending on the event and are inclusive of speech preparation, and on the day attendance.
  • Should you wish to film and re-use the speech a licensing fee will be applicable, and can be discussed during your inquiry.
  • Marsha’s speaking schedule is booked many months in advance as far forward as a year, therefore please make an inquiry to check on availability as soon as you know of the date and city of your event.
  • Please get in touch about your event and we will provide info on availability and discuss the rates to your event.
  • Note: Marsha does not travel/speak without a fee. Please only make an inquiry if you are certain that you have a speakers budget.


Key benefits of having Marsha on YOUR stage

  • Promotion of your event through her database and followers 50,000+ (as appropriate).
  • Support from the Media department to participate in radio interviews, tv and newspaper coverage for the event (and where appropriate -in some cases- assistance in achieving media/wider coverage).
  • Excellent, clear, concise and confident delivery.
  • She will give your audience fresh and innovative ideas to maximize results.
  • Your participants will leave your event with a revived focus.
  • They will leave with PRACTICAL tips they can implement right away.
  • Marsha will add real value to your event no fluff, just great content that inspires action.
  • If the event is internal for your staff, expect an increase in productivity and a likely increase in your bottom line.
  • Marsha will never over-pitch her own services on stage at any event. It’s all about you and your audience.
  • In a male dominated speaking world, Marsha provides a refreshing change.



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Note: We will respond to your query ASAP and within a maximum of 24-48 hours during a normal business week. If your enquiry requires an email response, we’ll go ahead and email you what you need. If not we’ll call you can discuss your inquiry further. Most importantly, we DO respond to this form daily in the order received.

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