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Could Your Company Leverage the Strategies in The Secret Collaborative Economy To Accelerate The Attainment of Business Goals? We think so…


acornWhen Marsha Wright wrote The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!  she knew it would transform lives, businesses, countries and continents.

There was no doubt in her mind, that the use of the strategies—that took her years to hone and perfect—would be both invaluable and unprecedented for all types of organizations. That they could transform ideas, business plans, expansion strategies and audacious goals from mere acorns to mighty oaks almost overnight – utilizing the limitless strategies contained within The Secret Collaborative Economy.

Working with forward-thinking, innovative and world-changing companies to indelibly transform lives is what Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp. is about.  We are passionate about helping companies, governments and organizations on every scale to leverage our intellectual property to accomplish business goals.

The Secret Collaborative Economy enhances your ‘already successful’ strategies and puts untapped resources to work in a way that is scalable and implementable. Whether your organization wishes to create a new department specifically dedicated to Strategic Alliances and Collaboration – like we have – or merely to infuse your existing human capital with this knowledge so that they may better accomplish your business goals, there is a license opportunity available to you.

An opportunity to leverage the blueprint…

Leveraging Strategic Alliances is proud to offer licensing opportunities to organizations and institutions who serve clients/customers and members in volume, and/or those with a sizable staff body. Through a license with our company, you may distribute The Secret Collaborative Economy in a variety of formats to your assigns for a period of time that works for your business. This enables them to gain enormous value from the content, and discover how to implement the blueprint provided to accomplish business endeavors more expediently.

Better than just the standard ‘bulk order’ model provided by publishers and wholesalers, the licensing opportunity provides your company the chance to sit on the same side of the table with us; together seeking the most effective method of disseminating the intellectual property we have to your people.

Example of a licensing deal with us:

Your organization has 8,000 staff globally, over 15,000 shareholders/subscribers and over 1 million customers. You see the intrinsic and extrinsic value of this book, and are acutely aware that your parties could benefit significantly from reading and implementing it.

  • Your Staff: Will foster better relationships that gain loyalty, brand ambassadors, close more deals, top-grade their thinking, work more productively, and sell more consistently.
  • Your Management: Will see how to better leverage your human capital, attain goals more efficiently and effectively, be able to achieve more with existing budget levels, work more effectively to resolve problems before they reach the critical stage, increase profit margins, harness and attract more talent and create more sustainable growth channels whilst limiting risks significantly. The benefit of assessing international and vertical opportunities or acquisitions is made simpler using the specific strategies of collaboration presented within the book.
  • Your Clients/Customers/Members/Subscribers: Will benefit from the book just the way that your own staff and management will, except now your company is the source that they have gained the knowledge from. Research has proven that people apportion gratitude from the source they receive help, even if the source is a third party! Imagine a supplier whom you have patronized for years suddenly gave you a book worth $40, with a highlighted section and a note saying:
    “Dear James, I recently read this book, and found it fascinating. I thought you may enjoy it too, so I’ve purchased a copy for you and highlighted the section I thought could be of real benefit to your company. All the best, Mary”.
    What do you believe that would do for fostering great relationships? Would you remember Mary next time you need to engage a supplier? Would Mary be able to ask you for an introduction to another potential client in future? Of course she would! You would feel obligated to repay the favor, or take her call next time she contacts you. And that’s precisely what we’re banking on!
    We want this reversed in your favor. We want you, your company, your staff to be the de facto choice for potential clients and to help existing ones stay loyal. We want them to know and believe that your company cares about collaboration, and the bigger picture. Their bigger picture. We want to partner with you in a way that helps you make this agenda a reality, and lead to more purchasing instances.
  • Your Shareholders: On the most part, shareholders are interested in sustainability, profit, dividends and the strength of the company in the area of human capital, fiscal responsibility, competitiveness and innovation. When you illustrate to your shareholders that your company is innovating in the area of collaboration, strategic alliances, leveraging current resources to do more of the right things, and focussing on longevity – their confidence immediately soars.
    This coupled with the intrinsic benefits of your shareholders leveraging and implementing the content in their own businesses, your company suddenly stands apart in a portfolio. You illustrate that you care about them.  You illustrate that you care enough to reach out with more than just the annual investors report. You illustrate that you care about the legacy and longterm future of your business, and importantly, you show that you appreciate their vote of confidence for investing in your company and standing with you during times of success and difficulty.

The Secret Collaborative Economy Bestseller cover


Flexible decisions that move you forward…

  • In this example working together we would decide how many clients/members you would like to provide the book to in whole or part. We repeat the same exercise for staff, shareholders and any other important parties. Like most licensing clients, you decide that all staff should have it, and a license for the total number of people is granted to your organization for a period of one to five years. We plan for growth, we plan for further clients, staff, shareholders, clients partners, members et al. to all receive their copy.
  • The book is distributed internally or through a portal provided by us. (Digital, Audiobook, Ebook, CD, and exclusive Hardcover are available to you per your preference).


  • You decide that you want the asset to be personalized to your company, to reflect your logo, and even a special chapter featuring your company. This is expertly written to keep in spirit of the book, and now new artwork is produced. A special cover is designed with the help of our award-winning designers, your logo is now incorporated. Your CEO, CFO, or other relevant figure-head is merited as a co-author. This customized version is solely for your organization and a license is agreed accordingly.
  • In addition further customization is possible with your own sponsors investing for the opportunity to be immortalized in your customized book.

Special Appearances & Events

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  • In addition, you want to have Marsha Wright keynote as an honored guest at your next AGM or corporate team building event. You also want her to be able to speak with your staff, key managers, SMT or C-suite executives about implementation strategies and pitfalls to circumvent common implementation errors.
  • You also want to sponsor secure an endorsement agreement with Marsha Wright and Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp. which will provide additional exposure for your company on television, newspaper & radio appearances plus social media promotions and physical events held by the company in locations worldwide. This can provide a plethora of opportunities both direct and indirect. Including more column inches, connections to individuals and companies who can aid your expansion into a new niches or territories. The aim of this opportunity is to open you to untapped opportunities for your organization; whilst helping to limit risky acquisitions and investments. (Events include those targeted at high net-worth individuals, CEO’s, financiers, asset managers, thought leaders, influencers and more)
  • You want more coverage for your new asset, and working with Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp. an online series of programs is produced which provides exceptional exposure to potentially millions of new prospects. This provides more angles for new press releases, awards, and spotlighting your organization’s great work.


Trusted Advisors

Having acquired the asset of The Secret Collaborative Economy book on a license for a period of time, at your sole discretion you may also decide that your company would value the input of Trusted Advisors to be available to your staff, and share insights to implement the program. You have access to the WorkBooks that come with the asset, and now you want to make it ‘real’ and more customized and pertinent to your business, your goals, your hurdles and your industry.

This is where you may engage the one-time or ongoing services of Strategic Alliance Intellect™. Our elite and bespoke Advisory Service which leverages the intellectual property and business acumen of a variety of Trusted Advisors whose sole aim is to present solutions that enable you collaborate with external organizations in order to effectively attain business goals and exploit untapped opportunities.

You have enough consultants and gurus selling the latest elixir. We have no interest in consulting and significant billable hours. We’re interested in being your Trusted Advisors and partners in your success.

Call-In Support Line: Following a few sessions you may desire to engage us to be available once a week for half a day to your staff on a first come, first serve basis to discuss strategy confidentially. This facility provides you with the benefits of timely advice that your team may want and need, without the costly need for travel fees that an in-person team would require. This is a flexible and invaluable facility that is available should you want it.


best-seller-amazon.com_Your #1 International Bestselling Book

This licensing opportunity gives your company something else. Something unique, special, enviable. It gives your company the claim to being one with a #1 Bestselling Book as part of your media attributes. All of a sudden, your organization gains an advantage over others in your industry, with something quite wonderful at your disposal.

The accolade of #1 bestseller is one that commands attention. It commands respect and immediately points to credibility and reputation

The book that launched to huge fanfare and became an instant bestseller, now available for your business to leverage internally, and shout about to the world.

You have none of the work it takes to accomplish this accolade, we have done it all for you.

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Are you ready to explore the benefits of The Secret Collaborative Economy? Request an informal discussion at no cost to you below:


Note: We will respond to your query ASAP and within a maximum of 24-48 hours during a normal business week. If your enquiry requires an email response, we’ll go ahead and email you what you need. If not we’ll call you can discuss your inquiry further. Most importantly, we DO respond to this form daily in the order received.

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