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Monday January 13, 2014

Today saw the launch of the brand new website. The website will take pride of place replacing the 10 year old domain website for this respected and much-loved business icon dubbed “the next Oprah” and “the female Richard Branson”.

The site (which took seven weeks and as many people to build) is clearly targeted for a more professional and corporate market than its predecessor, and cites its target market is mid-sized businesses, corporates and HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals).

Unique Features features an impressive array of content from internal and syndicated sources such as Forbes,, Entrepreneur, YouTube, and others – and every day new content is uploaded and ready for the public to absorb, enjoy and come again for more.

The UI is sleek, the colors powerful and the layout uniquely smooth and not overbearing in any way.

The website has also defied the traditional “subscribe and you’ll get it” model in favor of “give great content and they’ll share, subscribe and come back time and again”. This is an interesting move and one that is expected to build a strong following and more trust from the significant exposure that the website is receiving.

Hidden Gems

The website is a microcosm of much more exciting things. It has several ‘micro-sites’ internally, all working from the upper yellow menu bar, which is full of hidden gems including the galleries of past events.

Media Center: The Media Centre was clearly created speed and ease of use. By clicking Media Center in the menu, a micro-site appears. You’re still in the website, but now a navigation on the left appears that makes it easy to discover content you need easily. An example is a page for Show Hosts in a hurry who need an intro and some starter questions. It’s impressive, and sure to help journalists and media professionals get what they need on tap.

Bookstore: The Bookstore has another micro-site layout that enables readers to explore Wright’s four inter nation bestsellers, and purchase them in different versions. This is better than having just one page with a list of books and brief description where readers are expected to know and decide to make a purchasing decision from limited information.

The About: Much like other sites with a notable figurehead, there is an about for the company (Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp.) as well as one for Wright – which leads to more “personal information” under ‘Getting To Know‘ and a link to the Mission & Philanthropic activities. Clearly a lot of effort has also gone into sharing more about the staff team, and spotlighting the skills and acumen of those who are integral to these two brands.

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Launch Day Crash

At one point, the website went down due to significant amounts of viewers. The technical team fixes the issue within 10 minutes.

Positive feedback

Fans and new visitors of the website were commenting throughout the day – here are just a few of their comments:

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The future in Wright’s eyes

In an interview with Wright on launch day her response to the question “Where will go from here?” she replied:

“The site is a great tool for the message of Strategic Alliances and Collaboration to be understood and leveraged. In my mind we are successful if we help millions of businesses to even ‘get’ how invaluable this strategy can be for their companies. The future is about developing the website to become the de facto destination for organizations and high profile or HNWI individuals to discover more and use the information. 

As a business we want to spotlight the Licensing and Strategic Alliance Intellect™ Trusted Advisory services and continue our expansion globally from corporates to continents. The next five years are going to be amazing for these brands and I’m excited to bring our vision to fruition.”

The website is expected to be publicized to upwards of 1-million people monthly through Wright’s syndicated column, interviews, features and media appearances. This in addition to the many strategic worldwide partners who give additional exposure to the brand.

In an email to her database Marsha writes:

IMG_8735-highres-MarshaWright-150x150“I love January. It reminds me of freshly-fallen snow on a winter morning. It’s a fresh start, exciting, invigorating, new and optimistic.

During the past 14 years of my life as an entrepreneur, I have seen so many things change in the world. From technology to how businesses work together for increase profits – particularly in these post-recession times.

One thing that has been the bedrock of my career without doubt is the ease with which we and our clients have been able to improve profit margins and exploit untapped opportunities; all due to Strategic Alliances.

Last summer, as you may well know, I launched my book “The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, FASTER!”.

It was a success! Written in 5 days, and taken from idea to bestseller in a record 36 days – I can tell you it’s been one heck of a ride since.

But nothing has been more important in this process than the consistent collaborative partnerships and relationships that have created millions in sales.

With this in mind we embarked on a new launch. Working through the night for weeks at a time, our team have now brought to the foreground the wonderfully valuable and informative website.

We have served high net worth individuals and mid size businesses for many years. We have a splendid reputation for top level service.

But now, we’re shouting about it from one centralized site that provides the most concise and beneficial hub, sharing the unmatched intellectual property amassed by myself and my team.


Through this website you will personally discover how Strategic Alliances can be used everyday by your company Tycoon Inc, to more easily accomplish business goals, increase loyalty and profit and more.

You will also benefit from GREAT free:

  • Interviews with billionaires and visionaries
  • News on mergers and corporate strategic deals
  • Interactive chats
  • Thought-provoking business articles
  • Daily updated content
  • Tips & advice on using Strategic Alliances, and more

It is such a fantastic new website, and I am proud to tell you about it, because I believe it will genuinely help your organization and those who you know.

Simply visit the site and subscribe on the home page, so that you get everything that’s on offer.

If I can help you in any way, or you have an inquiry, feel free to call me today or send an email by return.

To your success !

Marsha Wright
Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp.
TV Business Expert | Media Figure | #1 Bestselling Author
Serial-Entrepreneur | Strategic Alliances Authority

UK: +44 (0) 207 1 124 874
USA: +1 323 300 6027
AUS: +61 0862 252 060
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Marsha Wright is a world renowned serial entrepreneur, TV Business Expert, and #1 bestselling author whose name has become synonymous with power-relationships, success, strategic alliances and unearthing unique profit channels in existing businesses. For over a decade Marsha has risen to the crest of her fields, becoming a respected authority and go-to commenter in the media on her primary topic of Strategic Alliances in the process. This is juxtaposed with her prodigious acumen in the areas of global partnerships, brand positioning, wealth accumulation & preservation, endorsement deals, crisis management and sales & marketing strategy.The reach of her media appearances has mounted over 10 million households in over 40 countries. Marsha appears on radio, in newspapers, on television and in online features regularly, and is a Huffington Post contributor.