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#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha The runaway success weekly event on Twitter

#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha Wiki #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is an exceptionally popular inspiring and uplifting hashtag that started on Twitter late November 2014. Within 12 weeks it had garnered over 107,000 shares and boasted over 4000 participants every week sharing, retweeting and Favoriting on the hashtag. By March 8th 2015, the hashtag celebrated over 25,000 weekly shares Founded by the hugely popular business icon Marsha Wright (@MarshaWright) the weekly “destination event” has been classed as the “Most Inspiring Place to be on Twitter” and has the benefit of a 51%/49% demographic of female and male participants respectively. The global impact of #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is remarkable with people from Africa through to Europe, Asia and of course the biggest concentration being in the USA and Canada. Why it works The reason for its success is the heavy emphasis on collaboration. Marsha retweets over 95% of the original posts, and participants retweet/favorite/follow and engage with each other. The event Continue Reading

Internship Opportunity That Pays Dividends! (Grow Your Twitter)

Hi and welcome to this page… Something exciting is happening in the Marsha Wright camp. If you know and love the affable and inspiring entrepreneur known internationally as Marsha Wright, you’ll jump at the opportunity to collaborate with her in an exciting internship! We’re looking for 3-4 interns to join our social media team! IN EXCHANGE: Your twitter account will grow AND you’ll learn LOADS!!! With such great successes, especially in Marsha’s Twitter growth (securing as many as 17,000 followers in a single month, all while remaining at a 99% REAL follower accolade! The right interns will be IN LOVE with social media, and show that they can be a great part of the team. In return, Marsha’s team will help to grow YOUR twitter account using her super secret strategies! YOUR TWITTER GROWTH: It’s likely that your twitter account can grow as many as 200-400 new followers a day Continue Reading

New-launch launches new website slated to be the “#1 Hub of Strategic Alliances” Globally

Monday January 13, 2014 Today saw the launch of the brand new website. The website will take pride of place replacing the 10 year old domain website for this respected and much-loved business icon dubbed “the next Oprah” and “the female Richard Branson”. The site (which took seven weeks and as many people to build) is clearly targeted for a more professional and corporate market than its predecessor, and cites its target market is mid-sized businesses, corporates and HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals). Unique Features features an impressive array of content from internal and syndicated sources such as Forbes,, Entrepreneur, YouTube, and others – and every day new content is uploaded and ready for the public to absorb, enjoy and come again for more. The UI is sleek, the colors powerful and the layout uniquely smooth and not overbearing in any way. The website has also Continue Reading

The Social Media Revolution – Marsha Wright

Tweets by @MarshaWright

Ready, Aim, Captivate – Marsha Wright, Deepak Chopra, Jim Stovall et al.

Dec 19, 2012 Day one and Ready, Aim, Captivate the co-authored book with 90 TOP Experts from around the world including Marsha Wright, Jim Stovall and Deepak Chopra is a runaway success and International Best Seller in Amazon. The book has reached #1 bestseller in 2 categories on US Amazon, Entrepreneur and Economics, and in the top 30 bestsellers in two categories in the UK.  It is also Amazon’s #1 Hottest New Release in it’s Economics category. The book contains 90 power-packed, content rich chapters with keys to success in the REAL WORLD from Experts who have achieved it!  Discover how to get a platform and grow your business and passion in a significant way. Discover how you can Put The Magic In Your Message and a Fortune In Your Future.   GET THE “READY, AIM, CAPTIVATE”  INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER TODAY 90 EXPERTS FOR JUST £7.99

STOP PRESS: The Wright TV Network to launch 2015

The Wright TV Network™ Marsha Wright has done it again with the announcement. An exciting and fresh approach to online television awaits viewers of this TV Network. Set for launch in 2015 with five channels catering to Inspiration, Women, Business, Education and Lifestyle it will add an exciting new and viewer-led experience the traditional media struggles to provide… Check it out:   Here’s the Network Preview:   And the invitation for views from listeners:   What do you think? Sound off in the comment thread below…

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