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The ONE THING is an exclusive online series of interviews hosted by TV Business Expert, #1 Bestselling Author and renowned Strategic Alliances Expert Marsha Wright, and delivered to subscribers via email bi-monthly.

The series delivers unique and poignant insights that add tremendous value to our extensive global audience; and is now available to the public for the first time ever, and each interview is promoted to over 2 million people.

What Makes ONE THING Unique?

Hundreds of hours are spent finding the most interesting interviews from the eight who are annually interviewed. Then, with hundreds of hours of research, our team pours over interviews, articles and literally scores of prior interviews to discover what’s already in the public domain.

Only now, are we ready to prepare for the ONE THING.

The iconic guest is NEVER asked a question they have encountered in an interview before. For once they are challenged to hang up the canned answers and share deep and meaningful insights.

For YOU, our listeners, it makes for 60 minutes of the most riveting insights you will ever hear.

In addition the uniqueness of the interviews hinge upon Our delving DEEP into one topic; and that topic is: the ONE THING that if they could share with the world, or with one individual–would be the single most important thing that someone could live on for the rest of their lives.



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