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continentsCollaborating with Marsha Wright & the Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp.

Fundamentally we are a company built on collaboration, partnership and leveraging our internal and external Asset Points™ to accomplish exceptional feats, and business goals. When we say collaboration, we take it to the extreme and Marsha Wright (our Founder) literally wrote the book on how to leverage collaborative relationships to accomplish an endless array of possibilities.

Though we are very selective about the partnerships and collaborative projects that we choose to pursue, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate and partner up with companies, individuals, corporations and organizations of all sizes who share our ethos of reciprocation; primarily (but not exclusively) in North America, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East.

The audacious goals across our portfolio of business interests give rise to the acceleration of our Strategic Partnerships and the value that each successful relationship brings to our companies is mirrored in what we may do for, and with other partners.

Strategic Alliances 101: Think of two parties who are entirely separate entities. These two entities have needs; they want to continue growing and decide that they can accomplish those needs more efficiently or cost effectively by leveraging one another’s contacts, distribution, intellectual property, talent etc. (these are what we call Asset Points™). So a Strategic Alliance in a nutshell, is the collaboration for link benefit between two independent entities for the furthering of their individual goals.


Our Collaborative Culture

Our Mission is: “To perpetuate and empower, through the exponential power of strategic alliances, the mobilization of action that brings dreams and audacious goals to fruition and impacts individuals, families, communities, corporations, countries and continents. Through Strategic Alliances – businesses flourish, regions bolster, the economy is strengthened, families thrive.”

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Our Collaborative culture is underpinned by our belief that people who succeed in the long run understand and implement the principles of sowing and reaping as well as giving and receiving.  “Too many people in the world today want to eat fruit from a tree that doesn’t exist because they never planted a seed.”

When one is conscious of the fact that the only way to prosper financially or any other way is to create value in the lives of others, one can truly begin to order his/her life and business differently.

We’ve been in the business of Strategic Alliances since 2004. Over those 10+ years, we’ve found the #1 question that our partners are most often startled that we ask is “How can we help you”?  There’s nothing more important in Strategic Alliances than to look for ways that we may seed into others to create the fallow ground for when looking to reciprocate value.

If we can water the garden of our Strategic Alliance Partner, and they reciprocate by watering our garden patch, we can both eat abundantly from the fruit of our own gardens.

This is the essence of our philosophy and culture. Add value, serve our partners to reach their goals, and benefit from their assistance for us to do the same.

What we look for in our Collaborative Partners

Naturally, we look for potential collaborative partners who share a similar philosophy and ethos to our own. Who look for ways to add value first, as opposed to looking at what they can gain from the relationship, and then moving on.

It’s important  we cultivate and foster long term relationships where we can continue reciprocating value for years to come. We’re in it for the long-haul and so our partners need to have that mindset to play in our pen.

Simon Wright Business Image Small

Simon Wright – Head of Strategic Alliances, believes the relationships you build are more important than the opportunities that may present themselves.

“I believe our partners and our company benefit from collaborations most when we focus on the value we can bring to those our partners serve. Essentially we are working together for the betterment of our end users (whether internal or external customers)

To that end Partners who are clear about their needs and the needs of those they serve make for much better partners in the long run, and are more committed to having long running successes rather than a flash in the pan win.”

The bedrock of any collaborative relationship is like-ability and trust, so in short we’re looking for likeminded people that we ultimately like. Only then can real trust be cultivated and established.

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