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Mission Statement

“To perpetuate and empower—through the exponential strength of strategic alliances—the mobilization of action that brings dreams and audacious goals to fruition and impacts individuals, families, communities, corporations, countries and continents.

Through Strategic Alliances – businesses flourish, regions bolster, the economy is strengthened, and families thrive.”

  • It is our belief that people who succeed in the long run understand and implement the principles of sowing and reaping as well as giving and receiving.  “Too many people in the world today want to eat fruit from a tree that doesn’t exist because they never planted a seed.”
    When one is conscious of the fact that the only way to prosper financially or any other way is to create value in the lives of others, one can truly begin to order his/her life and business differently.


  • ‘The Secret Collaborative Economy’ (#1 International Bestseller) is our blueprint that epitomizes how organizations large and small can effectively implement the principles of sowing and reaping, via strategic alliances, in a deliberate and meaningful way.
  • We believe creating your own Collaborative Economy is a very effective way of increasing your  bottom line in a cost effective way, by increasing exposure, thus enabling you to grow your client/customer base.  This is all achieved with a spirit of collaboration and value reciprocation.
  • It is our belief that the old competitive, dog eat dog way of doing business has become truly redundant in the 21st century, and as the world continues to get smaller through technology, the more the culture of collaboration will become a staple diet in the way many businesses will grow now and in the future.



  • Entrepreneurial Loans: with the help of micro-finance Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp. provides loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries; that enable them to improve their businesses and to alleviate poverty. The organization we lend through has made over 652,629 loans, totaling more than $514Million.
  • The Family Academy is a wonderful initiative from Simon & Marsha Wright that is dedicated entirely to helping those who cannot afford support, mentorship and guidance. It is a scheme that requires the whole family to work together and participate in getting out of the rat-race and achieving financial freedom.
    Marsha and other experts volunteer their time with both the adults and children within a small but dedicated group of families, and work with them to achieve their goals of getting and staying on their feet – and creating a legacy. The Family Academy was born from Simon and Marsha’s goal to help 5,000 families become financially free and successful. The Family Academy is for the most disadvantaged families only.
  • Beat The Crisis In 2011, Marsha Wright launched an initiative to give away £850,000 worth of Entrepreneurship Grants to youth aged 16-23 and adults aged 24+.

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