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Paul Lange

“Marsha Wright is Richard Branson in female form! She has given anyone working in the high net worth space the blueprint for how they gain, keep and add value to high value and high net worth clients”

Paul Lange, Sydney-Australia

Jim Stovall is hailed by Steve Forbes as one of the most extraordinary men of our era. He is the bestselling author of over 20 books with millions in print around the world in two dozen languages, has had four of his books made into major motion pictures, and is the founder and president of the Emmy Award-Winning Narrative Television Network.

“Marsha is a great colleague and friend, a professional. You should never take advice from anyone who doesn’t already have what you want. When it comes to creating mutually-beneficial relationships, Marsha Wright has been to the mountaintop and is prepared to get you from here to there“.

Jim Stovall, Founder & CEO
Narrative Television Network

Mr. Jim Stovall
Richard Kaye img

“Imagine for a moment a business world where everyone is endorsed and supported by everyone else. What would it be like for you and your business if others advocated for you? The old competitive model of dog-eat-dog is a failed model, as Marsha proves without doubt in The Secret Collaborative Economy.

Through collaboration, CEO SPACE® has helped companies to raise funding in the vicinity of $2.5billion USD, and has helped launch major brands. Our organization is thrilled to endorse Marsha Wright’s new book The Secret Collaborative Economy to our members to encourage the unique benefits of a cooperative rather than competitive way of doing business, that we have become known for”.

-Dr Richard Kaye, CEO SPACE® -

Richard Kaye
Bill Morrow

“Marsha Wright has shown us all over the years that she is the real deal and her no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air. Marsha’s new book, The Secret Collaborative Economy, is essential if you want to move forward. Ignore her wisdom at your peril.”

-Bill Morrow, Founder & CEO of Community of
Angel Investors and Investable Entrepreneurs

Bill Morrow, London-United Kingdom
headshot Barry Maher

Ignore Marsha Wright at your peril!
The title of the first chapter of The Secret Collaborative Economy, tells you all you need to know – Do More, Do It Faster, Do It Cheaper, Make More Clients Love You For it.”

-Barry Maher, Consultant to Fortune® 500 Organizations,
Renowned Keynote Speaker &
Author of Filling The Glass

Barry Maher

“Businesses thrive from collaborations. Marsha Wright has truly removed the veil in this exposé about how real business is done, by those unafraid to conquer and be champions in their niches. We believe in collaborations and Strategic Alliances, and are happy to endorse The Secret Collaborative Economy.”


-Darren Hughes, Fleet Street Publications,
and Agora Lifestyles


“Twiends has been fortunate to collaborate with Marsha Wright over the last year. Her team has driven collaboration from initiation to completion, showing how it’s done. Now she shares her success secrets in this exciting book.”, The Ethical Promotional Platform
And Directory For Growing Twitter
® Following

Andrew Mason

“I made $130,000.00 (GBP 78,000) on the back of advice directly from Marsha Wright. This woman knows what she’s saying!”

Andrew Mason
Trish Lay

“Marsha Wright is the person to bring to the table when it is time to play big.

With her personal touch and individual insight she see’s clearly the blocks and steps you must make to move forward. Literally stumbling upon Marsha, her impact in such a short time period has helped me shift my perspective and gain clarity to my current situations resulting in moving out of my way and obtaining greater personal success. Thank you!”

~Souls at Play Productions

Trish Lay, California-USA
Patrick Green

I signed a $825,000 contract (£500,000GBP) just by implementing Marsha’s strategies [learned in the at-home program I watched online].”

Patrick Green
TIE institute

The Secret Collaborative Economy will empower anybody with a passion to imagine and think bigger than ever before.  No matter what business you’re in, or the clientele you serve; Marsha gives you specific tools and a blueprint for success.”

-TIE Institute, International Firm Teaching Winning Trading Strategies for Trading Success

TIE Institute
Tammy Kahn Fennell

“In The Secret Collaborative Economy, Marsha Wright shares a roadmap to success that is based on tried and true—but barely used—principles of collaboration.

This book will be invaluable to businesses that, in times of smaller budgets, can implement its strategies with little to no capital investment. The strategies are clearly executable.

What’s more, when businesses are able to find the influencers they should be engaging with and discover mutually beneficial partnership opportunities based on what’s detailed herein, they too can create a greater level of success for all parties involved. The Secret Collaborative Economy is a testament to the fact that collaboration isn’t just good for business, it’s really for the greater good.”

-Tammy Kahn Fennell, Co-Founder & CEO of,
The Social Platform that Means Business 

Tammy Kahn Fennell
Ron Cruickshank

I am delighted to report that I have calculated a DOUBLE return on investment from your advice!

Where else in the world can you learn how to double an investment in just 6 months! Thank you Marsha! You are amazing!

Ron Cruickshank, Australia

“The experience working with you was absolutely phenomenal! It cleared a lot of pre-conceived time-wasting ideas out of my head, and enabled me to network with TOP experts and people on Marsha’s Team.

Now I can go into a room with skilled, professional business owners who end up pursuing me to engage our company!

For the investment and in a single year, MANY YEARS have been shaved off attaining long-term goals!”

Dr. Femi Osokoya M.D., United Kingdom

“I think the program is great. I have been learning tons and Marsha’s (and everybody else’s) style is very personable, breaking down the business process so it is understandable and less dry that it might have otherwise been…

All in all, wonderful material and a very supportive environment. I need to take more action to make the most of all this invaluable knowledge/support (I was probably hoping I would get even more hand holding, but realise that all the knowledge/advice is there for the taking and it is mostly a matter of being proactive)…

I feel very fortunate to have signed up for this program and grateful for all the help and advice that has been received from Marsha, Simon, Jos, David”.

Anne Ventoze, London-United Kingdom

“I have learnt so much… and feel that I have more focus than I ever had before. I knew I needed to work smarter not harder and increase passive income, but I now know so many more ways to monetize my business. I am loving it!

I also feel that I belong to a group of like-minded people, and whenever I hear the others saying they are on chapter 4 of their book (for example), it inspires me more and more. I find the regular tele-seminars very helpful and the range of topics are brilliant.

I was a bit worried about spending so much money up front, but I am so pleased I took the step”.

(Melanie landed television appearances in the UK following her engagement of our company).

Melanie Phelps, Surrey-United Kingdom
Lilach Bullock headshot

The Secret Collaborative Economy is another wonderful book by business visionary Marsha Wright.  In these pages, you will see what I value about Marsha’s work.  She takes this simple concept and demonstrated how to generate multiple profitable revenue streams from it.  This is a guide for serious business owners and leaders who demand results from their entire teams – achieve every single business goal.

-Lilach Bullock, Forbes® Power Influencer and
Founder/CEO of
A Leading International Social Media Consultancy 

Lilach Bullock
Mary Joyce

“What I’m enjoying the most is every masterclass challenges me to expand my thinking , literally it feels like mini flashbulbs going off in my head. As well as each lesson been well taught , each one takes you on a journey of your own discovery to come to your own conclusions so its easier to understand and implement straight away, Marsha & her team of fab consultants lead me to play bigger.

I love (the) feedback is so encouraging and helps to keep me on track and also pulls me back if I start wandering off.

The Live Laser mastermind calls are invaluable as she gets straight to the heart of the matter and gives clear action steps to take – pure content no fluff!

Thank You Marsha Wright-You’ve changed my Life”

Mary Joyce, London-United Kingdom
Steve Taubman

“I’m so impressed by Marsha’s incisive understanding of business and human interaction. Just the chapter on using The Secret Collaborative Economy To Secure New Clients alone is worth the price of the book.

If you’re looking for a more complete understanding of the value you represent in the marketplace, and how to leverage that value in a whole new way, this is a MUST READ”!

-Dr Steve Taubman, Founder and President of Power Track Presentations, Author of the #1 Bestseller UnHypnosis